Types Of Granted Land

In our previous post we discussed about what “Granted Land” means. Here in this post let us discuss about the “Types of Granted Land”. Yes, Granted Land Certificate is of two types:

  1. Granted Certificate.
  2. Re-grant Certificate.

Grant Certificate: A Land which is granted to a grantee for his lively-hood for the first time from the government is known as Grant Land or having Granted Certificate.

Re-grant Certificate: The same granted land when sold to a party/purchaser by the grantee and hence violating the law, which will be restored from the purchaser to the grantee itself by the court or government is called Re-grant Certificate or Re-grant Land.

In both these cases the Grantee is the owner of the land and he is responsible to pay taxes and any other things thereof like any normal people with their own land. However only thing is he cannot sell or mortgage the land.

I often has seen that many people are trying to misguide the innocent buyers about the types of grant land. They twist the types of grant land as 1. Tax Payable and 2. No Tax Payable. ie. tax payable as the land which can be sold without government permission and no tax payable is the one for which permission has to be taken. Well these are all cooked up story for their greed.

Grant Certificates Cannot be treated as Sales Deed. They are different from each other. 

To be simple, grant certificate means you are permitted to take care of it by all means and to survive from that land by cultivating the land and the real owner of this kind of land will be Government itself for ever.

And Sale Deed is the one which says, you are the actual owner of the land and you can cultivate the land, use it for various aspects that your needs, includes mortgage, sell, rent, lease, etc.

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