Basic Property of Electricity

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Basic Property of Electricity:-

  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Resistance



Electrons are carried through a conductor with respect to time (sec) this is known as Current. Current flows from -ve charged material to +ve charged material.

The unit of current is ‘amps‘.

The current is denoted by ‘I‘.

Current is expressed as I = Q/t amps

1 amps = 1 Coloumb/time (sec)

Coloumb : Unit of electric charge.



Potential difference between two charged objects i.e, -ve charged and +ve charged object, like two terminals of battery.

Unit of voltage is ‘volts‘.

Voltage is denoted by ‘V‘.

1 Volts = 1 Joule/Coloumb .



Opposes the flow of electrons in it.

Metals are good conductor due to low resistance. Wood is poor conductor due to high resistance.

Unit of resistance is ‘ohm

Resistance is denoted by ‘R’.

Long wire have more resistance. Short wire has less resistance. Thin wire have more resistance. Thick wire have less resistance.

Resistance depends on material and size. Resistance is also temperature dependent.

Resistance is expressed as R = Ρ * (l/a)

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